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Why The MJ School
The MJ Speed & Skills School is just that, a school. The school structure allows young athletes to continuously improve by graduating to the next level as they progress. Football camps give players a chance to learn for a few days, whereas the MJ school gives them a chance to work on their game year round with Moe who has played at the highest level of College and professional football. Having played 4 years at SU, played in the NFL, CFL and Arena. Technique is always first. We focus on teaching the proper technique in every lesson. Next is SPEED. We train our players to reach their maximum speed potential and how to play the game fast. Last but certainly not least, EXPLOSIVENESS. We train our athletes so they are able to with with athleticism as well as technique. Being able to change direction or stop and start faster than your opponent gives us the ultimate advantage on the field. 

"It was a pleasure to play with a guy who is determined, goal oriented, smart and fast. Moe was a QB's dream. What I mean by that is that you want a guy who can take the top off of coverage and catch any ball that came his way. That's called a security blanket. I've had the privilege of playing with different types of wide receivers and they all had different qualities. Moe was definitely one of the fastest" 

- Donovan McNabb

Former NFL Quarterback

Former Syracuse University 



"I had the pleasure of coaching Maurice "Moe" Jackson for 4 years with the professional indoor team "The Rochester Raiders" winning 2 championships in the process. His work ethic, Knowledge, enthusiasm, and coachability truly made him the leader of the team. The speedy, sharp route runner was truly an extension of me and exemplified a true professional. Moe was loved by his teammates, the fans and the coaches. The true HEART AND SOUL of the wide receivers and team. What a pleasure to coach"

-Coach Eddie Long

Greece Olympia Varsity Head Coach

Former Rochester Raider Head Coach

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