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The coaches at The MJ School have all played the game at a high level. We pride ourselves on paying attention to detail and teaching. We like for all of our athletes to know the how's and why's of everything we teach. We are and will always be students of the game. Studying the game and keeping current with the way the game is evolving. We bring the latest drills that players can translate into on the field play. Creating those ahah moments is what we strive for. We at The MJ School understand that not all athletes learn the same. Which is why we like to teach verbally and by demonstrating what we teach. We often send players home with homework. Whether it be on paper or a physical task. For example. If a player isn't picking up the lesson after a couple of sessions he'll have paper work to take home. If another athlete isn't catching the ball well enough then they may have to go home and throw the football in the air 300 times per day until the next session. 

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