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The MJ School will focus on each athlete's strengths and weaknesses then work to perfect those strengths and turn weaknesses into strengths.

All of what we do at The MJ School will be based on SPEED. The game is all about speed so we will work to build a strong core and teach flawless sprinting technique. Athletes will learn how to take care of their bodies so they can reach their full athletic potential.

However, players that wish to excel in the game of football have to understand that there is a lot more to the game than having foot speed. All great players must also have the ability to anticipate. I like to call it a players mental speed. So at The MJ School we will also focus on each players mental speed and/or anticipation. 

The MJ School will not focus on whipping athletes into shape (they should be getting enough fitness while playing sports) our main goal is to work on their skills and speed. Skills such as catching (passes, punts, kickoffs) route running, releases, proper footwork, blocking, ball security, etc. The speed training is not limited to football. Athletes of all sports are welcomed. 

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