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Our one on one sessions is where we like to dig in and push the athlete mentally. We get a lot done in the time we have scheduled making the most of each session. Focusing on perfecting ball skills and simulating game situations. We like to know what type of offense or defense the player is playing in so we can tailor the workout session to that players specific needs. For example, a wide out will learn every route on the route tree as well as how to run each route against every defense they may face. We drill these techniques and teach these lessons in 3-4 sessions and leave the player with homework to take home that is due at the next session. After the 4th session we expect that player to have a plan of attack and is ready to perform that plan from the time they break the huddle and reach the line of scrimmage. After the athlete passes the first phase of training he moves on to the next phase. For example a wide receiver goes from route running to catching to blocking etc... We strive for perfection in every phase. 

JoJo Gause WR - Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Nasir King CB/WR Wilson Wildcats
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