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The MJ School takes the show on the road. We bring the speed and football skills training to your home town or campus. We have a unique approach to our football/speed camps. Because the game of football is all about speed and anticipation, we tailor our camps to focus on helping each player get to their maximum potential speed with a variety of modern drills that focus on running with perfect form and being explosive. We bring a fun and intense workout atmosphere that players love and coaches appreciate. Team building is priceless and thats what The MJ School's camps are all about. Our competitive drills get teammates trying to win against one another but also brings them closer as a team. The drills and techniques we teach are all fun during the camp but we also give details explanations on where these drills and techniques are used on the field. We work on things that will have an immediate impact and helping your teams get better.  

Call us Today so your teams can have the MJ Speed and Football Camp Experience
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